Articles of the year 2012

The Youth
Published on June 21st, 2012

Just when we thought that the evil empire had triumphed, and the end game for the CJ has started, as Malik Riaz was threatening to arrive in Pakistan, with bombshells to destroy all who opposed him, starting with the CJ who he had decided was interfering in his plans, and not giving him the justice he deserved. For four years had been paying the son of the CJ a Dr Arsalan so that his cases could be "fixed", by the CJ. He appeared before the Supreme Court, and prayed that he had been blackmailed by Dr Arsalan, into parting with a huge amount of money (up wards of 35 million Rs) a huge amount for.

Well, a very angry Malik Riaz was here, in person to claim his pound of flesh. He made it clear to all and sundry, that he was a kingmaker and a partner of the military, and even the President, and certainly not someone to be trifled end with. After his statement to the Supreme Court. He called a press conference in which he pulled no punches, accusing the Supreme Court itself of bias against him.

The whole Nation watched spellbound. Here was the most powerful man in Pakistan with nine retired generals on his payroll. No Minister could be appointed without his approval. He was the king maker, and he was here to teach the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court a lesson in power, if not law. The CJ excused himself from the bench. Round one to Malik Riaz shrieked his supporters.

That evening on one of the major news channels Mubashar Luqman co-hosted with Mehr Bokhari a glamorous talk show person was conducting a special interview with Malik Riaz, when lo and behold during a commercial break, it transpired that the chat was much cosier, than necessary, interrupter.