Political Analyst Intemperate Columnist Fakir S Ayazuddin is an interesting, intemperate columnist for The Nation of Karachi, Lahore & Islamabad. Always worth a read for the fine challenges he places before both the state machinery of Pakistan and the fundamentalist forces. In his latest column, titled "Abject Surrender"...

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We have woken to a new world, safer and more predictable just by the removal of one man - Trump.
The world has had its worst nightmares since the height of the Cold War. Till the swearing of Biden anything could have happened. An attack on Iran, aided by Israel, an Indian attack on Pakistan abetted by Israel.
All these were scenarios waiting to happen. In the last few days an attack by America on America itself was imminent. Never in the history of the world has a nation come so close to committing suicide and that too by the biggest and most advanced nation in the world, while the rest friend and foe watched spellbound while one man held the destiny of the US and the world in his grasp, tweet by tweet.

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As the PPP mandate draws to a close, it has shown the flaws in the democratic process, and in the quality of our public representatives. Above all it has shown the contempt for the Law of the land.