Articles of the year 2012

Inviting Martial Law
Published on January 16, 2012

As the PPP mandate draws to a close, it has shown the flaws in the democratic process, and in the quality of our public representatives. Above all it has shown the contempt for the Law of the land. The attitude of the Prime Minister and the President has made abundantly clear that they enjoy immunity and would like their actions and those of their subordinates to enjoy the same immunity, allowing them free rein, inviting anarchy. The people are extremely disappointed that the Supreme court has not emphasised the Supremacy of law, but has shown itself to be singularly weak and toothless to this challenge.

This was the opportunity, after two years of being baited by the PPP jialas to assert themselves, and stamp the writ of the law in the country. They should have ensured that the Prime Minister and the President be stripped of their offices, for having violated their sacred oaths, and have been jailed for appropriate terms.

The Supreme Court has a duty to itself, to protect its own dignity and that of the people whose trust is manifest in its judgements and obedience under this trust by all. If the judgements are to be defied, then anarchy will ensue, making governance impossible, leading to a collapse of the state.

This is obviously an intolerable situation, and cannot be allowed to continue, and is the main reason for the entry of interlopers and Martial Law. For the Supreme Court to have repeatedly stated that they have shut the doors on Martial Law forever is false, for in their own inaction they are inviting others, obviously the military, into the vacuum.

The thundering at the interlopers, and usurpers, is meaningless if the Supreme Court itself is showing signs of paralysis.

An incompetent and corrupt legislature, coupled with a weak judiciary is an open invitation to the 'other' powers. completing the requirements for conditions needed for Martial Law.

As we have all realised the experiments with Martial Law have indeed been disastrous.

But the democracy under this government has surpassed all bounds of corruption and misgovernance. The Lot of the people has never been worse. The institutions of PIA, the Railways, the Power sector have never been worse. Fifty percent of our PIA fleet is grounded for one reason or another. Our trains are not running. Our economy is near collapse. Anarchy prevails on the streets with power riots, and running battles between the police and protesters is the order of the day, the Supreme Court delayed the imposition of the law. This decision would have removed the President and Prime Minister for violation of their oath of office, and have brought law abiding citizens to the fore. Corruption is not the problem. For corruption exists in every country in the world. But wherever a citizen is caught the full might of the law is enforced, without the luxury of NROs or immunity blankets, or executive pardons. It does seem that Pakistan is a haven for criminals and immune from prosecution at that. The Supreme Court had a chance to stop the rot.

Is it too late?