Articles of the year 2011

The Raymond Davis Fallout
Published on January 25, 2011

The Raymond Davis affair has created many problems for the Army, and the ISI together, for it is slowly emerging that there is a divergence of views, between the Army high command, and the US military. While the US State department and the CIA have both stated in no uncertain terms that they will continue to launch their Drone attacks on to our soil, as long as they feel that the Taliban are using our area for attacking the Nato troops and supply lines. Further these drone attacks will continue until the US is convinced that we are not in any way supporting the Taliban. Also the Taliban do not use Pakistani territory for R and R.

A tall order, and one that our Army may find difficulty in enforcing. The position as it stands is that the CIA operative Raymond Davis was apprehended in Lahore after he had shot two Pakistanis while conducting a covert operation. The drama continued to unfold with the Americams insisting that Davisn had diplomatic immunity, however a 'settlement' was arrived at under Islamic laws, to compensate the families. The much more serious charge of espionage was conveniently overlooked, and Davis was hurriedly flown out of Pakistan bypassing any immigration formalities, or any other niceties. Our officers had in their custody a high ranking spy on whose behalf the President of the United States personally issued a statement. This shows the seriousness of the US intent. And to make matters worse drone attacks were launched as soon as Davis had left Pakistani air space, killing 41 civilians. To rub our nose further, after an allegedly pleasant meeting between the head of the CIA Panetta and our own Gen Pasha Sec of State Clinton and Panetta issued very strong statements to the effect that the Drone attacks would not stop...regardless.

So much for the rhetoric. We have entered the stage where we have a civilian Government that has given a tacit approval to the US to continue their attacks, inflicting horrific casualties on our civilian population, wise these casualties will further antagonize our Northern areas and turning the peoples into a more radical and hard core enemy of the US. While our Prime Minister admits on the floor of the National Assembly that this approval was indeed given, and approved by the President himself! We now have some options before us which bear serious consideration.

The Americans are determined to make life extremely difficult for us. While the Taliban continue in their quest to destabilize the rest of the country. The President and the Prime Minister are feeling secure basking in the protection given them by the constitution of Pakistan, and the US support. However the matters can take a serious turn when the American decide to pull out with 140000 US troops whose supply line is through those same wicked Taliban. The supplies are carried by convoys of 1000 trucks a day, manned by Pakistani drivers, working for less than a pittance.

The damage to the Pakistani road system can not be calculated but greasing a few political palms is enough to leave that question to others. The logistics are mind boggling, and it may be advisable for the Americans to treat Gen Kayani with a little more respect, for Gen Kayani knows his numbers, and may not be as beholden to s Washington as Zardari and Gilani. This would be the time for Gen Kayani to point out the huge danger staring the Americans in the face. Telling the Pakistanis that they can stop the aid under the KL bill, and use that as an excuse, when they have already imposed a corrupt and expensive regime which is incompetent to boot, and that is costing Pakistan far more than their much trumped up aid.

We are indeed headed for into interesting times. Gen Kayani may prove to more astute than at first thought of. All of this scenario, has I am sure been considered already. What we civilians want to know is when will the Americans be shown the door. And asked to take their lackeys with them.

The Americans have not realized the threat to their troops in Afghanistan who may be reduced to foregoing their bigmacs for Afgani bread and Chai cooked locally and not shipped in from Langley.

The latest moves by the US backed Zardari Government envisage a cobbling together of a coalition of the PPP and Q members of the assembly, to ease the Budget through The current year. The notoriously corrupt Q members already facing serious charges would be only too happy to oblige especially with a few lucrative Ministries put their way.

This still does not address the problem facing the US and the Pakistan military, who are facing the wrath of the Wana Pathans, and the enlightened Pakistanis, already aware of the antics of their politicians, and are determined to change the rotten system that has been exposed, and is costing Pakistan dearly. Gen Kayani is well aware of the position that the successive civilian govts have placed Pakistan in. He will soon have to stop these actions before the events overtake players.

The Americans have the most immediate problem of 140.000 men fighting an illegal and unpopular war, far from home, and are being viewed as a target much more inviting and ready to be plucked,than many twin towers, and already surrounded by Islamic warriors. How can the Americans allow themselves to be bottled up , with their only escape route and supply line through Wana, and then threaten the controller of that route, by their drone strikes. This may be the making of the biggest defeat in the history of the US.