Articles of the year 2011

Suicide Mission
Published on August 09, 2011

The Presidential Advisers have managed to make Pakistan the laughing stock of the world, by ignoring the warnings of the Foreign office, for Mr Zardari was so convinced by his coterie that he decided to 'look Cameron in the eye ' and tell him a few home truths. Even before any meeting had taken place, the British press, renowned for their demolition expertise were already waiting and headlines of 'Mr.10 percent' and worse 'Cameron count your fingers after you shake hands with Zardari', were enough to convince young Bilawal that the Crown being offered him was laced with thorns. An Oxford education had indeed made the difference. The elder Zardari speech incoherent at best, highlighted the lack of education in him, while the actions of the younger Zardari did account for the genuineness of his degree.

The sad part was the Presidency of Pakistan, became the subject of ridicule and courtesy the world press—instantaneously relayed throughout the world, along with the anger of the hecklers greeting the vulgarly opulent Presidential motorcade. If Zardari has been successfully cloistered from all indications of his unpopularity, it was revealed in all its ugliness outside his hotel, and outside the Birmingham meeting Hall. Never in the history of Pakistan, has our country been the subject of such ridicule. The whole country watched, mesmerized at the spectacle. It was as bad as the drubbing our Cricket team was getting at the same time on the other channel. Definitely not Pakistan's week.

The British Press also is an indicator of the shift in the support away from Zardari by the British Establishment. It does not take a very smart man to know that the US Establishment has already dealt a new hand, but as has happened in the past to Zardari twice before, he was the last person to be told.

It is also time that the Supreme Court played its role in being the true adjudicator, and to strip away the patently illegal cover of indemnity, that Zardari purportedly seems to enjoy. Enough of this charade, of crooks in the Prime Minister's office and in the Presidency, most of them enjoying Presidential pardons, and even stopping the investigation of the murder of Benazir, while weeping copious crocodile tears over 'their' loss. My Lords do your duty, and first address the issue of immunity, for if the Nation needed a Suo Moto action, this is the issue, and this is the time. Every action of the coterie smacks of corruption. Coupled with incompetence in the present situation when thousands are facing from starvation and drowning and have been cruelly wrenched away from their homes while French Chateaux are being inspected. The cruel twist of fate is that Flood Aid is also being withheld because the foreign donors don't trust our corrupt leadership, and fear that the funds will be siphoned off.

The only silver lining appears to be the action being taken by the lone crusader in the form of Abid Sher Ali, hunting down the bogus degree holders. His statement that the Courts should hand down prison sentences applicable under the law is welcome, just at a time when we had lost all hope in our legislators. Here at least one seems to be doing his job and should be appreciated for that. Sardar Assef Ali for his ridiculous stance should have his Oxford degree reexamined or revoked for conduct unbecoming of a Oxon.

The Immunity of the President has cost the country far too much in the criminal acts and the scams that are emerging in the media in again and again. If the President's immunity is being employed to cover, and to initiate more crimes, then the Supreme Court will have failed in its first duty which is to protect the country from criminals and criminal acts. The granting of pardons to the cronies is to be considered a crime against the State, and should be treated as such. The People of Pakistan are not interested in the seventeenth or eighteenth amendments for that matter, the conduct and behaviour of the President affects the lives and future of all Pakistanis and is of immediate importance.

As far as the President is concerned, it is obvious that Zardari is being duped into the comfort zone to which all Pakistani leaders invariably succumb, and that is the invincibility factor, which seems to be the only reason for having made this trip. Or else he has caught the suicide bug, for there is no other reasonable justification to have undertaken a trip in these troubled times. Now with the fires burning he may not be able to visit the flooded areas either, for the people are in no mood to allow such a visit, and shoes may be the least they will throw at him.

Nawaz Sharif is has overplayed his friendly opposition act, and this has backfired dramatically, and will probably cost him his vote bank, something that has taken decades to build. But as we all know in politics an entire election can be lost in the blink of an eye. Here a shoe will have made the difference.