Articles of the year 2011

Suicidal Tendency
Published on April 21, 2011

The PPP propensity for suicide should have decimated their ranks to below sustainable levels and now their latest gaffe has their opponents howling with delight. The Party high command - no less, has ordered the re-opening of the Bhutto murder trial,and the entire Assembly has endorsed this action. Of course the Assembly members, not known for their high intellect, have triggered a wave of law suits which would open many other matters of the time including the break up of Pakistan. Starting with the Hamood ur rahman commission which never was released to the Public at large and would create a scandal of epic proportions, including laying the blame squarely on the first Bhutto regime with grave charges of treason. Including genocide and war crimes. The Bhutto penchant for being above the law would be reduced to facing all the multiple cases filed against the PPP officials at all levels, for they had been promised that as a part of the PPP family they were above the law. This was cruelly shattered by the despot Gen Zia by hanging Bhutto. However the Bhutto followers belief that they were destined by PPP manifesto to enjoy the fruits of promises of the Socialist agenda to give to the proletariat the spoils of those capitalist bloodsuckers who had been living a life of luxury on the sweat of the toiling masses. This promise was never full filled ,on the other hand frightened away all investors both foreign and local. However the huge amounts of money raked in by the forced closure and sale for a pittance, went into the bottomless pit aka the government. Never to be seen again. The greater damage was to the industrial growth of Pakistan from which we have never really recovered.

These issues will all be taken up and the blame apportioned mostly will fall upon the PPP who have always maintained their being above the law. They consider that they have immunity from prosecution similar to the immunity enjoyed under 248 by the President. By reopening the Bhutto case, the can of worms is being opened which will have disastrous legal consequences for the PPP hierarchy who will have their invincibility crumble around them, with long legal battles to face. This time with a proactive prosecution that will ensure rapid judgements. Surely a bleak future.

Hopefully Pakistan will emerge with a stronger and more independent judiciary, which is the only way for us to progress and harness the hardwork that our people are capable of. Once the shortcut specialists are removed, and merit rules. Not a utopian dream, but one whose time has come. Even the Americans have begun to realize that the Pakistan situation is more dangerous by virtue of it's huge population, the majority of whom are now under threat of a militant and dangerous minority, and have shown their ability to strike at will. It is unfortunate that the similarity between the last days of Musharraf and the present regime is depressingly familiar. The downslide in governance impairs the functioning of the state apparatus, and affects the army, a recent example is the apparent mishandling of the Davies affair. For all the protestations of the Government , the people are convinced that we were cheated by both our government and the Army. This impression will be very difficult to remove and unlike the US vise like grip on our country, the army is close to losing the trust of the people forever.

If the present slide continues then the army too will lose it's considerable stake in the Pakistan , which will also come up for reevaluation,and an honest civilian setup will exercise greater financial Control over the finances of the nation, making it difficult to indulge in scams which are all too familiar in Pakistan and the armed forces.

The Pakistan army has to work hard to regain it's trust, first by eliminating the militants that are tearing the country apart, and till now the Army has said that it is busy with an Indian threat on our eastern border. It is time that a concerted effort is made to eliminate this cancer from our system completely. The suicide bombers are taking a horrific toll on our population, and the people, do not see a threat from the Indians so the frontline for us is the western border which is being infiltrated by the militant suicide bombers and the drones by our 'allies' causing us more distress and certainly more deaths. What is our Army waiting for? The Americans are already convinced that we are incompetent and have stopped their aid to the education sector. How many more lessons do we need?