Articles of the year 2011

Looking Death In The Eye
Published on April 18, 2011

The Americans have done it again. In their infinite stupidity, they have created a hero from a wicked cruel despot. They topped their errors by allowing the last minutes of Saddam to be filmed, and then shown on CNN,BBC, FOX, where it was shown worldwide, every hour ad nauseum. This was not the Arab bias of Al Jazeera, but the foremost news channels in the world.

Every human faces death, and Saddam, when his time came, faced his tormentors with a ferocious dignity, repeating Allah ho Akbar, in reply to their taunts. I watched carefully, spellbound, but there was no flicker of weakening, no trembling, no begging for mercy. By refusing the hood he played his master stroke, and welcomed the noose. This memory is etched in my brain, for the last moment of any man is discomforting, and handled so bravely in the face of his tormentors, will always live with me. I wonder how many of his detractors watched without admiration for his conduct.

All the Muslim leadership royal and other, must now look very carefully at the citizens surrounding them, for the seeds of hatred sown on the scaffold by his bravery, will grow to engulf them, perhaps from amongst their own. Mankind always admires the hero, as one who faces danger bravely, and here was Saddam staring down his executioner, being shown to billions of people world wide.

Surely the Americans should have realized that the hatred for Saddam would only diminish with his trial as if in a cage, and when it lead to its foregone judgment , all pretense to justice had been cast aside. Unfortunately the Europeans were also responsible for the conduct of the trial, for when the First World cries for democracy to be installed, this democracy has to be accompanied by justice. In fact Justice is far more important as a basic tenet than the form of Government, Democracy or otherwise. For without Justice the Government is a hollow pretense. And the people will always suffer. With justice, no Dictator can become a despot. The Americans corrupted the Iraqi judicial system imposing a judgment on the Iraqis, one that is already being called 'the judgment of the victors.'

The US think tanks suffer from an obvious surfeit of education, with all their PHDs , but are sadly lacking in common sense, and have made the World a far more dangerous place to live in. Can they take back the image of Saddam on the gallows, and paint horns on him? This was a disaster in media management, with all the think tanks, now scribbling away furiously how the world is rid of a monster. Unfortunately for them he was a brave brave monster, and as even a child knows no one that brave is all bad. For his sins were hidden from the eyes of the world, but his bravery was there for all to see.

The Iraqi people have been a miserable lot, always treating their rulers cruelly especially in the manner of their passing. And so it was with Saddam, safely aided and abetted by the Americans. Their rulers have all come to a sticky end, and I wonder how many Iraqis will die before a leader will emerge strong enough to bind the State of Iraq together. Or how many he will have to eliminate to establish his writ.

Right now it is difficult to gauge the anger of the Muslims, for even the Saudis are talking about the sanctity of Eid being ignored, and many are saying that it was a collective insult to all Muslims. This anger will be fuelled worldwide by Muslim Mullahs eager to incite and enflame their audiences against the already hated Kafir westerner, and wherever possible, the government that is seen to be US supportive. Unfortunately for us we are already being judged as the foremost in the war against terror. We have just been moved that much further up the ladder. Either the American think tanks are very naïve, or as I said above, the world has just become a very much more dangerous place. As I said in opening, the infinite stupidity of the American think tanks has just been tested, and the levels are far higher, and have created more damage than was thought possible. I am surprised at the Israelis, for their intelligence is superior to the Americans, but they have just dug themselves into a deeper hole. They have far more to lose. And with the situation spiraling downwards, their proximity to the troubles could further jeopardize their very existence.

On the hanging of Saddam.