Articles of the year 2011

A Sacred Image
Published on April 04, 2011

The statement that the CEC of the PPP has thought fit to withhold the findings of the enquiry board, is quite alarming because it shows that there are certain anomolies in the report that should not be made public. Surely the assassination of Benazir is of huge Importance to the public, and especially to the PPP for the tragic loss of her leadership, the effect of which is being felt in the muddle headed floundering since her absence, and Indeed the downward spiral in our economy and governance. Even President Zardari constantly refers to her contribution to the political environment and to the emotional ties with the masses without which the PPP would disintegrate.

Surely the suppression of the report could infer that there are certain facts that could impact negatively on members of the CEC? Are these members more important than the exposure of the murderers of the pillar of the PPP, Shaheed Benazir?

The young Co-chairman Bilawal Bhutto should be aware by now of the twisted machinations swirling around him especially in the corruption riddled upper echelons of the PPP, and this withholding of the findings is a first step in the manipulation of the young Bilawal's mind, surely a test of weaning him away from his Mother's all powerful hold on his emotional responses , to the more pragmatic political needs of the Party. Bilawal should also realize that soon the Party will need to break from the corruption surrounding the PPP, and the masses would expect someone clean to carry the mantle. The Party is too big to be allowed to implode into this sea of corruption. The young Co-chairman must protect the hitherto clean image culminating in her brutal assassination, from being hijacked into a political machine that will be at the mercy of any crusader armed with a Mr Clean campaign, that will have the masses boiling on to the streets looking for scapegoats.

Far from allowing any withholding, Bilawal must insist on complete transparency, and should be doubly suspicious of any attempt at a withholding, for this will sully his mother's image of a brave lady who dared to take on a succession of dictators, ultimately sacrificing her life. For Bilawal to withhold information of the findings, smacks of a cover up, which can only embarrass him later. Raising questions about his mother. This must be avoided and her image is to be protected with no innuendos being allowed or entertained certainly not with the blessings of the CEC. This is such a transparent attempt to trick the young Bilawal into admitting that he has something to hide. There will be many more such attempts, but Bilawal must be ware of such moves, and must always keep his Mother's image clean, and pure and beautiful. Protecting her from all such moves to besmirch her, till now, respected memory here and abroad. To even hint that there are matters about her investigation should be considered nothing short of heresy. For she is beyond the grave, and cannot protect herself, she certainly does not expect her heirs to hint that certain matters should remain hidden. It also implies that people close to the CEC, or within the CEC may be involved. Well surely these people should be exposed and punished before they do more damage. This is the time to expose and punish them for after a power change they may then cause much more or damage to the family and Party. It does look like a cunning political intrigue, and must be nipped in the bud.

It is also time Bilawal involved himself in the daily running of the affairs of the PPP, and he may find that there are many such instances that may have escaped the notice of his father, and should be addressed by the leadership. Matters of this magnitude are too numerous to be dealt with by a coterie of known corrupt persons who are just one verdict away from a jail sentence. As the net closes in on them, they and many of their friends will be looking for escape routes, for some may not wait for the decisions of the Supreme Court. Having their escape plans in place for a long time they have been looking for last minute deals which fall foul of the courts, like the NICL and the other land deals. The young Bilawal should be aware of these elements, and should prepare himself for the deluge, so it is even more important that his mother's memory be protected more assiduously.