Articles of the year 2010

The Suicide Mania Seems to be Spreading
Published on July 09th, 2010

The issue of the fake degrees building into storm, that threatens to take many lawmakers victim, and may even bring down the Government. The threat to the Government will be in the form of over reaction by the PPP fanatics, who have issued statements that even the Quaid Azam did not have a degree. This ridiculous comparison has brought the most respected Pakistani in our History, who created our Nation, into a slanging match between the most corrupt lawmakers and their cohorts against a judiciary that is attempting to invoke the laws of the land.

How dare Ms Ispahani cast aspersions on the credentials of our beloved Jinnah. She should realize how uncomfortable her illustrious ancestor must be feeling in his grave at the treatment meted out to the Quaid by his descendant. He was the founder of Pakistan, and must be wondering at how these Green Card holders/ US passport holders, having surrendered their birthrights, to a foreign flag, can have the audacity to involve him in such a base and banal analogy. Particularly galling is the collection of scoundrels on whose behalf her arguments are being offered. The people of Pakistan are owed an apology by Ms Ispahani who has managed to hurt many of us who wake up daily, grateful to Jinnah for having given freedom from the Hindu dominance. While our lawmakers who are now being exposed ,daily, as having used fraudulent documents, including false income statements, when their nominations were filed.

It is the Election Commission that should tried first for not doing their duty and not prosecuting the candidates at the time of filing nominations. Before the mantle of power was assumed. The next step should have been the criminal sentence of three years for misdeclaration as stipulated under the law. This should have been done before the election, so that the electorate could decide on his record, and of course would never vote for a candidate that had a criminal record. The disqualifications are amply covered in the Constitution.

Pakistan does not need to notice how many of our lawmakers have circumvented the law to become legislators, we need to remove the crooked ones. How can we trust them to formulate laws when so many are in fact lawbreakers themselves and will no doubt continue in breaking the law.She should instead follow the path of her fellow party member, who stayed out of the Assembly and earned a degree at the age of 60.

The sycophants had managed to convince the PPP leaders that this could be the moment for a show of strength, accordingly a rally of ten thousand was planned to display solidarity on the Constitution.