Articles of the year 2010

Sham Democracy
Published on July 04th, 2010

The Politics in Pakistan has come to a grinding halt with a lukewarm statement emanating from Raiwind, that the Lion does not wish to disturb the system, perhaps vice versa, for fear of bringing down the existing form, while the PPP continues its rampage across the country, and establishes its corrupt officials at every level. We, for our part have been trapped by the politicians, and nothing short of a bloody revolution can remove them now.

Pakistanis thought that the blood of Benazir and the hundreds of her followers who died alongside her, would usher in a new era of justice and fair play. It has however allowed her closest confidantes to be sidelined and replaced by a set of corrupt people who have only one interest—that is to make money. Governance for our politicians is a means to exploit any and all resources. The people of Pakistan are the 4th poorest in the world, and getting poorer by the day. We, the people were not destined to remain poor, but are caught between the PMLN and the PPP who between themselves have decided that they shall have five year terms each, and both sides will ensure not to destabilize the other. This leaves the people, with no hope, no future. Industry is shutting down, food prices are spiraling,and the latest forecasts are of sugar touching 100 Rs per kilo. An unthinkable figure. And under these conditions the Lion states that he will not destabilize the system? Is the Lion really satisfied with the state of the Country, that he would protect these people? Surely the agony of the masses does not deserve this apathetic treatment, with the rising number of suicides not ringing any alarms in the corridors of powers, nor any sympathy for the bereaved who have lost their breadwinners. A visitor remarked to me today that even the cost of dying has become exorbitant, and most people are leaving the burials to Edhi.

Under these conditions, this sham democracy that is in place, and protected by our foreign patrons, has created far more problems for us. Even our religious Parties who managed to convince their voters that their's was the only true path, and a sure short cut to heaven. Alas this was yet another ploy to gather votes, and then to partake of the politician's spoils. The people have yet to meet a sincere politician who tried to deliver—most never even tried.

Even the Establishment, that grey shadowy eminence that we know exists, seems to have withdrawn into a nether world. Leaving only Imran Khan as a voice in the wilderness, bereft of any support, suffering from a brush with the Taliban ,even fleeting, is a huge obstacle, and difficult to remove. The people may soon have no choice. The two major Parties seem to have deserted us, the US is too focused on its own Afghan problems not caring for the huge impact that is being felt by the Pakistani people. Our Industries are drying up, there are no commercial inputs, the Americans are doing nothing to stop the plunder, while maintaining that it is our Government, conveniently forgetting the placement, and the arm-twisting to keep the PPP in control. We Pakistanis, are confused by our US friends, for with anti corruption laws in place the PPP is actively encouraging corruption, while the Americans lend their tacit support. This should be the time for Pakistan to reap the rewards of the proximity to a war in our neighborhood, but we are missing out on the goodies that should be coming our way. We have a rising body count—far greater than the combined Nato and US forces. The civilian cost in lives and wounded is huge, and is not of our making.

The Northern Areas that had lived in a special arrangement for hundreds of years, within our lands, with their own laws which were mutually respected. Our system worked, and over the years it continued to work. We beg that you take away your corrupt Puppets and let us continue in our peace. The crumbs that our coming our way are not worth our while, and have effectively destroyed our economy. While corruption continues to eat away at our innards, when the Lion does awaken , there will be nothing left of the carcass. The Americans should realize that any revolution that is brewing today has a distinctly anti--American stench, and nobody in the State department has recognized this, so isolated have they become from the realities in these regions. Meanwhile the Afghans-- the nemesis of the Americans, are the oldest untamed warriors on earth, and their peace will come at a greater price than their war.