Articles of the year 2010

Published on January 30th, 2010

The entire fault in our judicial system lies in our inability to enforce the judgments of the law. The existing laws in themselves are more than adequate, and that is the reason the infamous National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO) was enacted, to enable the wrongdoers to escape the net. For under the existing laws there was no way the guilty politicians could escape. Delay perhaps, but escape is not possible. The 200 adjournments by the Zardari lawyers are proof of the success in their delaying tactics, and elevation of the lawyers to high office is the reward for their successes. It remains to be seen what penalties abetment would carry, especially in the production of false me-dical certificates, or perjury in the British High Court.

Supreme Court message to the defendants is quite clear - the law will apply to all. The subsequent flurry of articles in some newspapers is meant to slander the judgment, by accusing it of political bias and perhaps to browbeat the departments such as the Ministry of Interior into delaying the executive orders from being issued. This will attract the notice of the Supreme Court, and we will see in the near fut-ure a rush of contempt not-ices for non-compliance. Followed by warrants, and placements on the Exit Control List. For the beneficiaries of NRO the future is indeed bleak.

Corruption is worldwide and recognised indeed as serious crime however the punishment for crime is also universal. That is why the NRO was a dream and would have been cast aside at the first scrutiny. It is str-ange that the US and the Brit-ish government who had given us their Penal code could think that they would get away with such a blatant violation of their own criminal laws - the Anti-Corrupt Practices Act - for one that was brought in by the US to combat white collar crime. And then enforced throughout the world. The NRO is very much in violation of this law. So also is the plea taken by the beneficiaries that anybody breaking the law could claim political immunity? Especially when the law is broken to enrich himself?

has indeed bilked the country of billions, and has stifled our economic development for our leadership kept pocketing large sums of money by giving out lucrative contracts at rates that benefited the corrupt at the cost of the country. The politicians went further, and started dipping into the developing funds, so that funds meant for health and education were diverted into the pockets of politicians. A look at Singapore and Malaysia shows how their countries benefited from the rule of Mahatir and Lee Kwan Yew, two outstandingly honest leaders. And their countries and economies flourished. In Pakistan, the leadership under Ayub was honest - till the removal of Kalabagh. In the 70s, corruption was politicised, and is the reason that the minister on You Tube claimed it as his right. He ignored the point that it is also patently illegal.

entire success of the private sector is the fiscal con-trol exercised by management; otherwise the company would go under. If stealing from the company was not checked then the company could not survive. It is the same with a country; the level of corruption indicates the well being of the cou-ntry. Pakistan is the only country with levels of corruption equalling African countries.

nationalising the private sector Bhutto brought a huge industrial sector under the political control of his party, these assets were not owned by the PPP, but they were milked by their nominees till they were empty shells. This applies in the present to the Steel Mill and the numerous other state corporations. This was not socialist politics, but outright plunder.

Pakistan has been saved from economic disaster by the intervention of the Supreme Court, and invoking the criminal laws as they stand. Nothing more nothing less. Just the laws as they stand. These laws would have removed most of the present legislators from the assemblies, in their present corrupt state. The NRO died its natural death, but the beneficiaries all stand exposed, and the executive will have no option but to move against these criminals. The nation is waiting to see the downfall of the evil emp-ire. This 'system' would have brought down the country, or handed it over to another usurper to try his luck. We are again at a point when any new face will be welcomed by the people, and sweets will be distributed, flowers will be strewn on the new saviours, while we are treated to the same old, till first the economy collapses, then the country.

So My Lords do your duty.