Articles of the year 2010

An Uncivil Government
Published on February 13th, 2010

The Pakistani ship of state is being buffeted by heavy seas, being thrown up by the uncivil government, in trying to control the 'friendly' opposition of the Sharif's. Instead of focusing on the running of the daily governance it seems that the government is keeping itself busy coping with the crisis of its own creation. The prime minister has been quoted as saying he will not tolerate any corruption within his government, yet is seen seated next to the "corruption is my right" minister, who has made a laughing stock of himself and the government. Surely, this minister should have been sacked for this remark alone. And the prime minister should have distanced himself from such dangerous associations.

However in Pakistani politics, corruption is being taken as a hallmark of success, and the Supreme Court judgement notwithstanding, the entire population is watching and waiting for visible signs of the implementation of the court's decisions and directions. To date, the executive seems to be getting its own way, for their status policy on the appointment of the judges has apparently been put on hold, while the nation waits for an indication from the Supreme Court for a reaction.

A newspaper report has stated that the prime minister maybe in contempt for not obeying the instructions to fill the judiciary benches as per the requirement of law, and of the constitution. It is now evident that the resolve of the Supreme Court is being tested. Needlessly it seems, for the government and the judiciary are both pillars of the state and must work in unison. The opposition too is a vital part and is not supposed to interfere in the functions of the state, certainly not hinder the government. Once an order has been passed both sides including the opposition have to obey. So it is not so strange that, with the confrontation at an uncomfortable height, we watch with bated breath to see when the Supreme Court will assert itself.

This confrontation is putting the state at considerable risk - not the existence God forbid, but the opportunity to play an effective role in the formulation of the policies which will affect our future lives and those of our neighbours.

The prime minister must take his decisions from within his Cabinet keeping the country in mind. His obedience to others has put him in jeopardy of a citation for contempt, and much worse could follow. This is not child's play and the stakes are that much higher. The people of Pakistan have worked very hard to put an honest judge in place, and the people will not tolerate being robbed of justice for which they have all worked so hard. The people have also decided that the chief justice will give them honest judgements, and they will brook no side-tracking, from the cause.

The people have suffered too much for too long, and have realised that the 'politician' is just another charlatan out to make money from the masses, and the only betterment he wants is for himself. The time has come for a few good men to rise to the front, and to lead the way. But first must come the cleansing. This is the dread in the hearts of the incumbent leadership. What they have not realised is that a corrupt leadership has no place in Pakistan.

this backdrop, it is the PPP that needs to cleanse itself - then only will it be acceptable. For the rank and file, who have struggled for the hope offered to them, have seen the sham and will create a new leadership on the ashes of the old. We will see a new vibrant dynamic youth that will be law-abiding, and will bring a clean prosperity built on hard work. A 'clean' leadership will not be bullied by any other nation, and will fight for its very soul. But a nation riddled with corruption and marching to another's tune can never succeed. For the 'bully nation' will insist on furthering its own agenda even if it runs counter to our own requirements.

, our military leadership has much at stake for we are a nation at war, and this leadership will not find itself comfortable when questions of propriety are raised by the troops. The soldier would not like to offer his life for a leadership of doubtful credentials, and that is why the cleansing process is so vital. Hence, the role of the chief justice becomes so important for Pakistan 'now' and for the future.