Articles of the year 2009

Thank You My Lords
Published on December 19th, 2009

The verdict of the Supreme Court of Pakistan was a landmark decision, one that brought back hope to a despondent nation, a country that had been repeatedly raped in the name of democracy. Coupled with a dishonest judge, who was elevated to the position of Chief Justice of the Supreme Court by a military dictator, so that the two could work together in implementing the notorious NRO, a law created by Musharraf and Benazir to condone the massive corruption cases lodged against Ms Bhutto and her husband. Never in the history of the world has robbery been condoned anywhere. Yet in Pakistan this law made corruption legal, and a country was suddenly made poorer. While elevating the incumbent president as the seventh richest ruler in the world - with no known source of income.

The sinister part was the axis of the US and the UK ramming this odious law down our throats, the PPP members were allowed to retain their ill-gotten gains and effectively granting permission to do more - this was taken as a license to siphon off more from the Steel Mills and other state institutions. The PPP grandly stated that 30,000 jobs were given, but no one admits that those jobs were sold by the party stalwarts, and the monies sent up the PPP ladder.

While the US and UK were guaranteed a cooperative leadership in Pakistan. The State Department was assured by their staff in Pakistan that the PPP was universally beloved. The media exposure of the degree of corruption and the beneficiaries, shocked many Pakistanis, and the decision of the Supreme Court was really a foregone conclusion. The US and the UK governments kept their focus on the war in Afghanistan, not realising that their protection of Zardari, was focusing the Pakistani people's hatred solidly on the US. The Americans must immediately sever their established support for Zardari publicly, as their support will countermand their war effort. Their supply lines through Pakistan will be under constant threat. Its far better to dump the cause of the problem. But first the US must realise the gravity of the error. Just because he does not sport a beard does not make him a reliable ally. Worse, his unbecoming behaviour makes him an enemy of the state.

The judiciary has positioned itself as the true champion of the people. Acting on the media's exposes the government and the 'friendly' opposition were seen as one, and the Supreme Court had to decide the course of action. This my Lords did brilliantly in strict accordance with the constitution. A document that had been much defiled, but now restored to its original content and power. This vital fount of all power was first mutilated by a 'Doctrine of Necessity' override, by Justice Munir the then chief justice, and later on by Justice Anwarul Haq, at the behest of General Ziaul Haq to legalise his martial law. When General (retd) Pervez Musharraf tried to force Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry to resign in the presence of three serving generals. Justice Chaudhry stood his ground and was jailed along with his family for the next two years.

This action by Justice Chaudhry triggered a nationwide protest resulting in the removal of a dictator, and a recalibration of the judicial system. The judgement of December 16, 2009, has finally brought the Supreme Court of Pakistan into its true position as the supreme judicial body. For this, the chief justice has entered the pages of the judicial history of Pakistan, He was ably assisted by the entire legal fraternity, and when the call came he passed with flying colours. Moreover, the charismatic Barrister Aitzaz Ahsan, who was the driving force of the lawyers movement was at hand when the NRO cases were to be tried. President Zardari tried to coax Aitzaz back, but the astute lawyer had been bitten enough times, and cried off.

Finally, a federal minister of the party was taped on a national TV talkshow telling his co-panelists that corruption was his right! He repeated this statement in English, much to the surprise of the audience. This clip is available on You Tube. This shows the depths to which the party had sunk till the Supreme Court stepped in. Thank you my Lords.