Articles of the year 2009

Right is Might
Published: March 28th, 2009

The reinstatement of the CJ has come as the answer to so many prayers. The man had caught the imagination of the people, the hopes and dreams of a future with honesty and merit, now within the grasp of everyone. A seemingly impossible task as everyone knows, but the dream was there for all to see. The team of lawyers - brilliant, with dedication to the restoration, driving them. They moved in single minded unison, defeating the sly scheming of the PPP - acting with the power of the Punjab Government.

President Zardari was misled by his gang of four, who had isolated him, and fed him their selection of a need to know diet. The four had convinced Zardari that the CJ was an ogre who was determined to move against him, and was to be resisted at all costs. Thus convinced, the Presidency, and all its levers of power were activated to this end. However the power of the people when summoned did appear, and swept away the opponents. Placing Nawaz, as the leader of the people, not just the Punjab but all of Pakistan. The PPP and the MQM tried to give a provincial spin, but no one bought this line. The efforts of the PPP were ludicrous with one PPP MNA insisting on a National talk show that the crowds shown on TV were the product of trick cameras and the numbers were in the hundreds - and did not deserve to be taken seriously. This, then, was the level of the advice the President was acting upon. The President must quickly realize that, his performance and that of his Government will only be as good as the advice he is given. An adage in the Biz world. Garbage in is garbage out, which succinctly sums the workings of any institution. With the advice Zardari is being given, failure will result. It is now that much more important that he dump the proven losers, and replace them with the best available, for his group has brought his performance and popularity to its present sorry state. The marketing of a good product is difficult at the best of times, but when the product is based on lies then the mission is well nigh impossible.

Nawaz Sharif has rapidly built his party into a formidable political force, that is being discussed in the US think tanks as possibly the only option in Pakistan. He has emerged as an outstanding statesman, with now the hallmark of the 'public' firmly stamped on his political image. He can now command amongst his followers people from all the provinces, but much more valuable is the credibility that he has earned. In politics this single quality is the most valuable, and the most difficult to earn.

The CJ has earned the respect of his fellow lawyers and the admiration of the public in his act of facing down a uniformed dictator who held an entire Nation by the throat for eight long years. His stature is such that the ripple effect will dominate the judgements of his subordinates. This is precisely the most positive effect that we shall benefit from. All the tiers of Government will now quickly become aware that the Judge will be watching all. He need not take the suo moto notice, but the knowledge that an honest man is watching will be sufficient for the evildoers to know that retribution is at hand. This, then, is the aura that the Chief Justice brings to the Supreme Court of Pakistan. We can now feel justifiably proud that we have as our Chief Justice an individual who is highly regarded in the International jurisprudence circles. After all to be honored by the Harvard Law School is no small matter. While the world scorns the rest of us Pakistanis, heaping the T word on us, here we have a light shining as a beacon to our children that a Pakistani can achieve greatness by his actions and strength of character. It is this example for our youth that will be his greatest achievement, and the realization for our children it is right that can withstand might.