Articles of the year 2007

The US Interests
Published on September 08th, 2007

The Israeli thrust is now into its sixth week, and the news reports from Lebanon show quite clearly that many Lebanese are being killed, the majority being civilians, including a large number of women and children. The weapons being used by the Israelis are US, the pride of the American Defense establishment, famous for their pinpoint accuracy. Following the war in Iraq, on CNN an BBC one is shown repeatedly the cross hairs hovering on a suspect car till a missile homes in on the crosshairs, and the car explodes into very small bits. The commentator describes with relish the accuracy and absolute precision of the system, however when the next day the rubble of the house is shown with bodies of young children some still in the dead mother's embrace one is shocked at the callous dismissive tone of the Israeli Prime Minister in admitting that collateral is part of war. Of course Condolezza Rice stated quite flatly that a ceasefire was out of the question.

The good news is that the US east coast, amongst the most enlightened of the Americans has seen fit to dump the Democratic Senate incumbent, for being too supportive of Bush in his Iraq war, shows that the American public is now aware of the folly of the Neocons, and are indicating the desire for a change. It is probably also affected by the brutal images out of the Lebanon war. What is even more shocking is the urgent replenishment of the fast dwindling missiles in the Israeli arsenal by the Americans via the airports in Britain.When this news broke in the UK and demonstrators came onto the streets, the British Government took pains to divert the flights to other more unobtrusive airports.

The good news maybe, that in the US some politicians are realizing that the very graphic pictures on CNN and Fox news do turn the stomach, and the Israelis are committing some very serious war crimes that may sometime return to haunt them. The pictures of holocaust victims were tragic in the extreme, and they were used extensively to project the persecution of the Jews in Europe. Also they were used to generate huge amounts of guilt money for the Israelis from the Germans to pay for the sins of their fathers. Surely the images coming out of Lebanon are generating an immense of goodwill for the Arab—now the underdog, and what is much worse and more dangerous an immense anger at the apparently deliberate and cruel response of the Israelis and the US.

This anger will definitely give rise to a retaliation to the American s, whose interests could be under threat world wide. No longer will the face of Ronald Mcdonald be that of a benign clown, but he and Col Sanders may soon be wearing a Hitler mustache. The Muslims worldwide are caught in this wave of anger, and watch helplessly while their Governments pay homage to Condoleeza on her role as chief whip to the White house lead. These Muslims will soon realize that the fastest way to the US policy makers is through the Lobbyists of Mcdonalds, KFC and Microsoft. These are companies that have a very broadbased market in the world, and could get hurt by the negative policies of the US. When the Muslim people ignore their Governments, and turn their anger towards these and other American interests by burning the Windows flags, and not the US flag. The most potent voice in the United States is not that of the White House, but that of the Commercial interests a fact that has been realized and used by the Israelis very effectively. So the sooner the Arabs realize that instead of buttering up to the Americans by hastening to soften the blow of the closing down of the Alaskan field, the message should be clear that Mr Mcdonald is no longer the preferred Hamburger, and maybe its time they switched to Curry and Rice!

Meanwhile back in Lebanon the Israelis are admitting that they may have just met their match. For too long were they complacent about their ability to beat an Arab army in just six days, this will take a lot longer.