Articles of the year 2007

The New Middle East And Beyond
Published on June 06th, 2007

Oh Dear Oh Dear. The Israelis have discovered after a five week blitz into southern Lebanon, that the Hizbollah is armed with Anti-tank missiles, which are not manufactured in Lebanon, but come from far away lands such as Russia and North Korea. This is patently and grossly unfair to pitch a 'rag tag' army not armed with catapults and rocks, against F 16s firing laser guided missiles from 30,000 ft, and US manufactured rockets being airfreighted with rush tags via Scotland.

The mightiest Army in the ME, with the finest undefeated record, poured into Lebanon, with President Bush giving them one month to 'do the job of finishing off the Hizbollah'. Condi Rice refusing any chance of a cease fire. Suddenly a cease fire is being called in the UN, tabled for – by all people, the US.

The World and the Israeli soldiers were used to the Palestinian, armed with a rock and a catapult, so the fierce retaliation was completely unexpected, exploding the second myth—that of the Mossad intelligence service. We were all expecting a walkover, with the Condi Rice Hardline, a matter of allowing the Israelis the time needed to 'finish' the job. Surprise surprise. These Hezbollah Islamic fascists are not fighting fair, and "The missiles were also used against infantry, in one case bringing down a house and killing nine soldiers."Telegraph Aug 15.( where they were no doubt on a picnic) Militarily, the Hezbollah has fought the much vaunted IDF to a standstill in a war not of their choice, while defending their land, and after being subjected to horrific aerial bombing that has destroyed much of Beirut, and most of the infrastructure in southern Lebanon.

All of this is being played out live on CNN and BBC and relayed through local channels worldwide. To the American people who have been fed on a Jewish controlled, media manipulated diet showing persecution of the Jews through the ages, the stark images of showing a sneaker shod teenager facing an Israeli tank, armed with only a rock, is somehow incongruous with the perceived picture of persecuted Jews. Surely in the last 61 years the Jews have been doing the persecuting, and nowhere in the world is the Jew in a ghetto, but the image has been cleverly marketed by the media, and more specifically the US Government, contrary to the realities worldwide. However the America/Israeli behavior, is spawning a terrible anger and reaction amongst Muslims and non-Muslims worldwide. This is manifesting itself in the planning of suicide attacks and or other means of retaliation.

What is very certain, is, that the world is no longer as safe as it was, or as it should be. The extremists in the world have been given a new target that is being constantly fuelled by the TV images every hour on the hour. These images are vivid enough for any rabble rouser to churn out Jew-Haters on a regular basis, and these images are strong enough to make the embrace of suicide almost worthwhile, in the hands of any amateur Mullah. There have been other cults where the members were exhorted into acts against society on the orders of the cult leader. However these actors and their actions were limited in their activities, and were only exposed after the attacks had been carried out.These were small and eccentric cults, but now a major religion is being used with a huge pool of believers, and more dangerously, a large pool of mullahs to preach hatred for the western culture. They tied the Israeli treatment with the US backing to the persecution of Muslims, and exhorted Muslims worldwide for support, this support, monetary and even the suicide pledges were received with the promise of martyrdom and eternal glory. All these were fuelled by the persecution of the Palestinians by the Jews and not vice versa.The images on TV have served to generate huge goodwill, and equally large funds for the Palestinians. Worse was the hatred generated, and aimed towards the west. This hatred is now being channeled into finding targets that would cause enough damage to the west to assuage the anger in the Muslim mind. The suffering to the traveling passengers at Heathrow airport cannot be tallied in Dollar terms, but has brought a new dimension to traveling—one that is not acceptable in society. No amount of security checks can alleviate the sight of a mother being made to check her baby's milk. Surely our society must get to and address the root cause of the problem. This affects the whole world. It is no longer a purely Israeli/Palestinian/American affair. The ripples are being felt from the beaches of Bali to Afganistan, Iraq, Lebanon, and now Heathrow. It can and will spread if allowed to.For Society to revert back to its previous safe mode we must remove ALL the key issues at the centre of the troubles, the primary trouble spot is Palestine, and the sooner there is an equitable solution the better. Israel cannot afford to hold the safety of the world to ransom. Neither can the world afford to ignore the realities at the dictate of the Americans . It is also ridiculous that we should be living in a state of red alert for the rest of our lives.