Articles of the year 2006

The Ugly Muslim
Published on November 24th, 2006

The Political scenario in Pakistan has entered a new phase, with the passing of the WPB through the lower house. The battle lines have been drawn, and the letters of resignation are being brandished as certificates of faith. The Q league itself seems to have a problem with in-house dissenters, who avoided the vote, and it seems that the closet Muslims are in greater number than first expected. They are obviously mindful of the perks that go with the treasury benches, but are in fear of the Mullah 'backlash' so effective has been the MMA propaganda. This is precisely the area that the President's men are weakest, for they have not been an effective counter to the thunder and fire of the Mullahs. It is now that a Bhutto is required to go to the masses and expose the Mullahs of using Islam as a clever threat to keep the masses cowed down and the women in Burkhas.

What is surprising is the ineffective use of TV to bring the truth to the people. The Musharraf Government has brought so many TV stations on Air, and yet it is the Mullahs that are ahead on points. The Min of Information is sadly lacking in expertise, and certainly charisma. Does not the President realize that marketing the President should be the easiest thing to do, and yet the sales persons are so devoid of talent, that the product itself is suffering. Again it is the bureaucrat that in professing his own omnipotence cannot possibly be an effective media manager, for by selection and training, he is attuned to keeping his power invisible. The President must find a suitable person to head the media campaign, and wrest the advantage from the Mullahs.

These same Mullahs have brought ALL the Muslims into a copy of the Ugly American as in the book of the same name, published in 1958. In the Ugly American, the stereotype called for the loud, brash camera toting, gum chewing face of the American. It took many years, and a Kennedy with the Camelot mystique to bring the Americans acceptability in Europe. Till then they were the laughing stock of Europe and the Far East. Consider how the Muslims are now embarked on a similar course, adopting a dress code forcing their women to look like Ninjas, the men sporting beards, to identify their faith. Our mullahs do not seem to realize that they are being laughed at, as indeed were the Yanks in the 50s and 60s. Nowhere does it say in the Holy Koran that you should adopt an identity that exposes you to persecution. Far from it, as a good Muslim you should integrate with the locals, to the best of your ability. To be identified after 9/11 as a Muslim, with the avowed sympathy for the Twin Towers bombing, is similar to praising Hitler for his achievements. And then for our Mullahs to use Islam to spread hatred is the worst kind of blasphemy. Our Islam is not full of hate, it is a religion of Peace, quite unlike the rantings of our Mullahs. The answering call from the US bible belt preachers is akin to the worst ravings of our Maulvis. However none of the Bible thumpers were voted into office, as we have done. To see them acting in the house in their ways, was truly the sight of madmen masquerading as Muslims. The epithet the Ugly Muslim is now well deserved, along with the lurid stories of honor killings in this age,even in Italy. We should have learned from the Americans, that Power and money does not protect you from the disdain of others, we muslims on the other hand, living as immigrants in foreign lands have even less to protect us.

Today we must understand that this minority of 4% voters of our population has hijacked our country into a frontline state---- against the rest of the world. It is time these real figures were brought to the Pakistani people, as by courtesy of the MQM, and now belatedly the BBPPP. We the majority must assert ourselves and protect our Islam from these hate filled exploiters. These Politicos are more dangerous to the integrity of Pakistan, than a hundred Hindu armies.