Articles of the year 2006

The Establishments
Published on March 02nd, 2006

Had the pleasure of meeting Mr Jaswant Singh at a function hosted by the Karachi Council on reign Relations Economic Affairs and Law. This was a small affair attended by ex ambassadors, and presided over by an ex Chief Justice of Pakistan, and retired senior bureaucrats ----- true representatives and privy to the inner workings of the Establishment.

Mr.Jaswant Singh spoke on a wide range of issues, and voiced his concerns on the US attempts to isolate Iran, and the bearing this would have on the Oil Pipeline to supply vitally needed gas to India, a resource that India needs desperately. Without the Pipeline India's quantum leap into the developed Nations would be seriously impaired. His delivery was smooth, and being the consummate politician he was articulate in putting across his views. These views were in consonance with the prevailing policy of the present Government in India, showing the continuity that goes with a successful democracy. It is this continuity that is in stark contrast to the changes in a dictatorship, where the Machiavellian concepts are rigidly employed, and all predecessors are jailed or sent into exile. Looking back to the 1958 Martial Law, where the bulk of the politicians ere Edoed--- a political limbo within the country, Yahya Khan and Mujib's involvement in the Agartala conspiracy. Bhutto's anointment and his acceptance of the Prime Ministership of a truncated Pakistan. The question could be asked, would Bhutto sacrifice his life for the integrity of the soil as it stood when he served as Foreign Minister of a whole Pakistan? For his life was cruelly taken from him to serve the purpose of Zia's regime. The Zia ending we all know, the perpetrators are unknown to this day, but the Establishment benefited. With the Benazir Sharif attempts at a sham democracy, sham in as much as, the Government in true Machiavellian fashion instituted criminal cases against its predecessors, which were kept pending on their turn in power. A game of musical chairs orchestrated by the Establishment and successfully trapping the politicians every time.

It is such a pity that our rulers cannot learn the basics of democracy, which is continuity of the political process. Without this continuity there will be always be the tussle between the Establishment, with its contempt for the politicians, and the politicians who in their myopia can only see their opponents on the other side of the House. The establishment having convinced that Government of their loyalty, and the oneness of purpose. ie support of the Government of the Day.