Articles of the year 2006

The Spanish Connection
Published on February 27th, 2006

The Benazir Bhutto Asif Zardari saga has taken a new twist. This time the Spanish Government has identified and frozen her accounts in Spain with a 'Palace' in Valencia. And serious allegations of money laundering. It seems that two European countries, Switzerland and Spain will now be excluded from the travel itineraries of Pakistan's erstwhile first couple. What is also surprising is the company that the lady now keeps. She has, as a business partner the notorious Rahman Malik, well known for his wheeling and dealing in Passport rackets. Normally she was well known for her arrogance and snobbish attitude, but to have gone into partnership with the likes of Rahman Malik is strangely unlike her, but does show the levels she has sunk to.She usually has contempt for all Pakistanis, but now I suppose she is prepared to sup with the devil himself.

NAB is slowly tightening the noose around her, but it is all happening too slowly. What the public cannot understand is the reluctance to finalize the cases here in Pakistan. One simply cannot believe that 10 years will have passed without a single conviction, for either of the couple. In the meantime the Hon Supreme Court insists on taking Suo Moto notice against Kite flyers, surely the least expensive form of entertainment available to the children of Lahore. The application of the Supreme Court's collective mind and judicial expertise on the subject of Kite flying is surely a waste of the valuable time of the Apex court of the Country, not to mention the other cas