Articles of the year 2005

Truth is the Victim
Published on September 29th, 2005

Reading Fatima Bhutto's account of her Father's tragic and senseless killing, one is horrified not just at the manner of the killing, but that this was execution of the brother of a sitting Prime Minister using State machinery—without a trial. This has never happened in the civilized world since the 'Babes in the Tower' in London almost five hundred years ago. Ordered by the wicked uncle Richard III, whose evilness was immortalized by Shakespeare. It was considered the evil benchmark for political elimination Richard III however came to a well deserved sticky end, but in Murtaza's case all the accused have not only walked, but they have in most cases been promoted, and have not suffered in the slightest.

The only losers have been the family of Murtaza, his widow Ghinwa and children, Fatima and Zulfiqar--- and of course Pakistan for having achieved the distinction of being the only State in the 20th Century to have murdered a sitting Prime Minister's brother. Surely our Law Lords could have removed this shameful stain from the Nations Psyche, by at least bringing to a conclusion the murder trial of Murtaza. This is probably the most damaging single chapter in our Judicial History. The integrity of our entire Judicial system, has been exposed and shows how the law can be and is twisted to suit the rulers. What chance then for the ruled, if the murder of Murtaza could be ordered and executed by no less than 35 policemen (in uniform, using official weapons), with impunity. No charges were ever filed against those who issued the orders. This was truly the mother of all cover ups, and all legally wrapped up. Two subsequent Governments and one interim Chief Minister all chose to pretend that everything had indeed been done to get to the truth. Fully 150 million people are convinced that this is yet another example of the Government's perfidy, regardless of whether Bhutto, Nawaz, or Military, the truth is not a priority, but also becomes a victim.

Having lost faith in the Political Governments, we, the people were convinced that with the coming of Gen Musharraf we would see the accountability of these crimes, and their perpetrators, but it is a pity that the promise of a fairer better tomorrow is yet a dream. The killing of Akbar Bugti, is similar in so far as the death was caused by a Government action, that went out of control( if we can assume that no one in Islamabad would have ordered the hit of an 82 year old ) and the subsequent news releases were botched attempts at a cover up. Remarkably similar to Benazir at Murtaza's soyem weeping and wailing, while blaming President Farouk Leghari for the murder. Nobody bought her act, as they are not buying the "collapse of the cave due to an explosion of the Bugti Munitions dump in the cave".

Why cannot the people be trusted with the truth? Why should there be a need for these incompetent spin doctors, for the truth will out in the end, and History will document the truth alongwith the attempts to subvert it. Far better to throw the trigger man to the wolves than bear his burden of blame. Zia was smart in hanging the two conspirators, sealing their lips forever.Fatima Bhutto's statement that she rang the PM house at 2100 hours that fateful night, and Murtaza was not moved to th Mideast till 2200.( for all phone calls to PM house are logged, and the record is maintained as a matter of course.) He literally bled to death while the PM and her husband already knew of the incident. Perhaps if timely action had been ordered the life of Murtaza could have been saved.

After all if the body was lying for 1 hour after being shot, the chances were very slim of any recovery. The least that the Government can do is complete the enquiry and make the findings public---- in both instances. The offer of the DNA sampling is too little too late, for the murder of the Nawab has now taken on a political dimension of its own, and Islamabad will find itself compounding its errors, and even if they come out with the truth, the politicians will spin it into lies. So the sooner credible people come forward to appease the Balouch, for a murder most foul, as surely a disaster looms before us, one that may yet be worse than 1971.