Articles of the year 2005

The New Approved Version
Published on April 20th, 2005

Apropos of the statement by the newly released Asif, it is refreshing to hear him unmask the MMA stance. His shooting from the lip must set him apart from the doublespeak normally used by Politicians. He has rightly accused the MMA of using the Army whenever it suits their purpose, and issuing confrontational statements from pulpit and platform, while playing footsie with the Agents of the Agencies.

Politics in Pakistan is now evolving into clearer demarcation of lines, with Qazi sb taking an extreme rightist position, and the PPP showing its more centrist lines. The PMLQ has unfortunately, with its vacillating on the Muslim Passports shown that it is circumspect to the religious blackmail that the MMA can so easily invoke. This is a healthy sign, showing that maybe Political parties in Pakistan are maturing into more easily identifiable bodies. This will definitely effect the outcome in the next Elections whenever they may be. It will be interesting to see if the fire and brimstone of the MMA can matched by the thunder of the PPP. I am sure there are many formidable speakers on the PPP side who can give the Maulvis a run for their money, and will certainly expose the many chinks in the MMA armour. Also the street power of the MMA may just not be enough to deter the PPP Jiyalas from invoking their own brand of revenge here rather than in the hereafter. Interesting times lie ahead. Meanwhile back at GHQ the planners must be congratulating themselves on the emerging political scenario which is gradually isolating the MMA hardliners, and will no doubt be a prime example of the shallowness that is inherent in the Politics of Pakistan. Whether by design or default the Parties are now emerging as closer to their avowed platforms, perhaps nature is taking its course, it certainly augurs well for Pakistan.

The PPP has correctly sighted the MMA as the main adversary, and Asif realizing that he must take them on to move onto a truly National Platform is definitely projecting the new path for the PPP in establishing himself as a credible constructive element in the political landscape, one that would be welcome to the west without the toadying implied by the MMA and their Taliban supporters. He is definitely emerging as the new improved version, and his statements display a maturity that has been honed by many years of enforced introspection. In all fairness it must be said that he is not allowing bitterness to cloud his vision, instead he sounds almost upbeat.

The PPP is also endorsing the new peace moves being enacted by India and Pakistan. The statements of Qazi sb railing at these new initiatives show a complete disregard for ground realities or the wishes of the people. His constant ravings at the Shaitans in Gujranwala , or the passport stamping to make us muslims (?) will now be countered by the PPP in a more direct way, and will encourage the moderates to speak out. This will show in the Ballot results with the PPP emerging as a clear winner if they can carry on in this manner. Asif has sensed the mood of the people and is surely making the correct moves. He has learned much from his bantering with the Politicians in the assembly, and much more in the years spent away from them.

The country needs a strong PPP presence here to counter the strides being made by the MMA in the areas under their control, and their excursions into areas where they would like control. It would appear that the Asif led PPP is the only bulwark against a spreading MMA influence. The timing seems to be just right.