Articles of the year 2005

The Moderate Voice
Published on September 07th, 2005

The news that President Musharraf had been invited to address the World Jewish Congress in New York is an honor for President Musharraf , and for Pakistan---in that order. He is being recognized as a moderate voice, and is being given a very important platform from which to expound the positions, of all three, Islam, Pakistan and President Musharaf, as they are all under attack, in this world of Us or Them.

Not many Pakistanis may comprehend the immense responsibility and opportunity that are at stake here. This speech could be more important than addressing the United Nations General Assembly, and if his message is properly understood by the World Jewish Congress, could certainly be more beneficial to Muslims and Jews throughout the world.

hinking along these lines I would assume the President's address would read thus:"Gentlemen,Let me begin by thanking you for inviting me here to address this august body.I am not a scholar, but I am a practicing Muslim. Not as devout as most, but Muslim nevertheless. From my earliest recollection I have been lead to believe that we Muslims recognize the Torah and the Bible as part of our Islamic faith. Abraham (PBUH) and Jesus (PBUH) are both sacred and revered by us. In fact our holy Kaaba was built by Abraham(PBUH) himself, and is the centerpiece for all Muslims, around which the Haj pilgrimage itself has been conducted for centuries.