Articles of the year 2005

The Crisis of Leadership
Published on January 22nd, 2005

Looking at the disastrous Test Match and the accusations,and counter accusations being bandied about one wonders why Shoiab Akhtar and Bob Woolmer are being targeted. Our bowlers did deliver in the first innings, as , getting the Australians to 71 for 5 was an incredible feat for Shoaib and Sami. Letting them off the hook to my mind was a monumental lack of the "Killer Instinct." Inzamam is too much of a nice guy. We Pakistanis need a tough leader to bring out the best in us, whether on the Cricket ground or in Civilian life. That's why Dictatorships are the Norm here, whether through the Bayonet, or Democratically elected, the Autocratic (Danda)rule was always the preferred route.

There have been two successful Captains that have led Pakistan Hafiz Kardar and Imran Khan. The two teams of their day performed for their Skipper and never dared to question him on the field or off. The respect that both men commanded went beyond their skills, this respect was more awe and fear, and like good circus animals they gave their best performances---- and Pakistan won..

That is precisely the need today, No Nice guy but a tough Commander in the field, for whom the batsman will get a hundred for a pat on the head. That's all…. till he gets another hundred. After Imran no Captain has laid claim to being undisputed leader of the team. Before Imran the stories of Javed Burki, and his disgraceful behaviour when introducing the team to Her Majesty the Queen. Wasim Akram Being caught on the Beach in the Windies for smoking Pot by a local Cop, and taken to the Police Station at 2 am when for a few shillings he could have asked for and been given an additional supply of the weed by the same officer of the 'law". That was such a seriously bad judgement call that I would hesitate to allow him to walk my dog let alone lead the Pakistani team. His performance with the Ball is another matter and not under dispute. It is his leadership,and Command that are found wanting.

While Javed Miandad had the best record as a Captain, and probably the finest Cricket brain the country had seen, but never had the backing of the Establishment… and had to face a sickening revolt of players who refused to serve under him. It really has been downhill after that.Now the problem facing the team is not in the talent, for of that we have a surfeit, but in finding the Captain with the right leadership skill, and the ability to command a performance from his team, to even 50% of their ability, and we have a winner. Certainly no Mister Nice, for the Australians have shown their mettle at Sledging, and they are possibly only matched by the English Football fan in their crude Loutish behaviour, we need a Killer, ------ maybe Shoaib----. Maybe he should be given the Captaincy, if Inzamam is truly hurt, and is not performing with the bat either. Right now we have no one else, the rightful claimant should be Youhana, but I can't see him being allowed a free hand, and that is the need of the day a rough tough arrogant fighter with the belief in himself, like Shoaib, to lead from the front and have a few Aussie batsmen carried off, if not win a match or two. Mr. Chairman, desperate situations need desperate measures, You have to find a Captain quickly, and the only man within 5000 miles seems to be Shoaib, with the right amount of self belief…… Other wise you can reconcile yourself to another sound thrashing and give the Hounds in the Media another opportunity to villify your team and your Chairmanship

The Govt must immediately send the Maulana back, and those officers in the National Assembly Secretariat who it seems have graduated from drunken groping into creating more seriously embarrassing situations, should be immediately retired. The Prime Minister should beware of the snakes in his midst, for this little caper shows sabotage at the highest level, and should not be condoned.