Articles of the year 2005

Drawing the Line
Published on April 08th, 2005

The Strike call by the combined Opposition on Saturday has been a classic case of the two sides- the pessimists and the optimists, describing a glass of water as half full and half empty. Both sides are loudly defending their positions, one claiming victory, and going on to say but for the Govt excesses they would have paralysed the country etc. The truth is that the Jamaat has made its position dangerously clear. They have brought politics to the streets. In fact they are drawing the line, with Qazi repeating at every opportunity that he will settle for nothing less than the removal of Musharraf.

He is playing the religion card very effectively, worse still he is calling out his foot soldiers, those children from the Madressahs under his control, and some Madressahs under the control of his platform colleagues. The inherent danger in such an exercise is that these children are being indoctrinated into a strict regimen, one that is decided by their tutors, and repeated to them in their daily routine. The technique goes back to the dark ages of the Cold war where Communism was turned into a religion for Political power. In this case Religion is being used to grab political power. Qazi sb should know and his followers should know that throughout History if Political power is to be achieved using the Religion card, he should be ready for the massive blood-letting that will be required, to consolidate their position. Will Muslim butcher Muslim on the command of one school of thought against another, even though both share the same Kalma, and believe in the same Holy prophet Mohammed (PBUH). Will he be prepared to explain to the young zealots in his own Party why his Children are studying in the Land of Satan?Keeping all of the above in view, the President must realize that the Opposition have one basic rule, that is, 'in Politics there are no rules.' The Mullahs are playing for keeps, and to them Mr Nice Guy is just the lamb that does not struggle before his throat is cut. Mr. President you have to act, the time to make up your mind is over. The system must be cleansed of such manic aggressors. Islam above all is a religion of Peace and to say otherwise is Blasphemy of the worst kind. Blasphemy has its own punishment strictly laid out in the Holy Koran. Being the President of the Country you must order the Chief Executive to invoke the Law immediately, and start the rounding up of those who misuse the Pulpit, and the Madressah. If a particular Maddressah is being used to further a political agenda, then the administration of that Maddressah should be hauled up and punished. They should not just get a slap on the wrist but should be sent away for long time. We cannot afford to wait for an Ataturk with a one way Boat ticket.

The lessons of Indoctrination, from Hitler to the Communist regimes are still fresh, the cost to the German and Russian people is incalculable, not to mention the Paranoia and terror that gripped the rest of the world. The whole of the 20th Century was taken up with the Cold War battle, one that almost caused the end of civilization as we know it. For Islam to be used as an instrument of indoctrination of young impressionable children is shameful in the extreme, and should be resisted by all Muslims regardless of the school. It is time that the Mullahs should be told to study the ways of the Holy prophet, and spread a message of Peace---- the true Islam.The events that have unfolded in Gujranwala can be analysed to find the root cause of this violent and barbaric attack on a sports function. Obviously the Sports Administration did not explain to the masses that long distance running is exercise in its purest form. Alcohol,smoking,narcotics or sex will all impair the performance of the athlete, and to excel the athlete must be free from all such vices. All religions and civilizations have acknowledged that drugs are vices to be avoided, otherwise the punishments will be on Earth in the form of a shortened life, and Hellfire in the hereafter. The athlete free from such vice is man at his purest, and should be admired and not hounded. We here in Pakistan desperately need heroes and heroines.