Articles of the year 2005

Compromising the State
Published on October 15th, 2005

"The Interior Ministry never received any sensitive files after the list of Sikhs was provided to India."Chaudri Shujaat. To Iftikhar Ahmad on Jawab Deh/GEO October04 Watching Chaudri Shujaat on the GEO channel, I was thunderstruck when Chaudri sahib, implied that Benazir Bhutto had actually passed on certain highly confidential files to the enemy. This warrants an explanation, either a denial or complete details. We the people have a right to know the facts of the case. This was not a spy that had infiltrated the higher echelons of Pakistan security, this casts allegations against the Prime Minister of Pakistan herself. Surely this is not a simple matter of giving jobs to the needy, but it compromises the very Oath of office taken by her on assuming the highest position the Nation could offer her. The Prime Minister has wide ranging powers but they do not include divulging State secrets. Chaudri .Sahib went on to say that after this leakage NO sensitive files were sent to the Min of Interior by the ISI. Since then the Armed Forces were given the sole custody of the State secrets, and the Prime Minister of Pakistan was not even allowed to visit the Kahuta facility, and it seems rightly so. It has also given the Armed forces an attitude of contempt when dealing with civilians. After all if your PM is untrustworthy, then we are the only genuine custodians of Pakistan, and we must protect Pakistan from you Civilians etc….

Of course Chaudri Sahib has exposed himself to counter accusations from the BB camp who will jump into action and will charge him with mounting a vilification campaign to besmirch the reputation of the only Woman to have been elected to the leadership of the Party with the biggest grass roots support in Pakistan etc etc, and who along with the Swiss Government is trying to bring cases against her that are politically motivated. Having managed to receive bribes from officials of Cotecna and SGS, she is putting forward the case that she knew nothing of such matters, as she was engrossed with more important affairs, peddling confidential files! The Swiss Judiciary must be wondering how a Pakistani defendant can offer the time delaying excuses in a Swiss court that they get away with so easily in their own country. Full marks to her lawyers, as the speed of the Swiss court seems to have been slowed somewhat, for quite a few last chances have been given to the defendants. Any more adjournments on medical grounds and she may well be sentenced in the Rawalpindi Court, before the Swiss run out of last chances. The Swiss may choose to offer medical facilities in a Swiss hospital, which could be declared as a sub-jail…It is now imperative that the Supreme Court of Pakistan take Suo Moto notice of the allegations raised by Chaudri sahib on National TV no less, and the files of the case should be summoned from the Min. Of Interior and from ISI, unless the Supreme Court itself is declared compromised and unsafe. In any case we the public, Civilians and Military alike would like to know the outcome. As a layman I do realize the implications of the word treason, and this is far too serious a matter to be ignored or brushed under the carpet. After all if the enemies of Pakistan could be privy to our secrets surely we the Public also deserve to know the truth, and to share in these secrets.

As we who toil daily within the country and without, to the benefit of these self same guides of our destiny, in whom we reposed all our trust and the reins of our Government, we need to know the truth also and the outcome of these allegations. If there is an iota of truth it must be outed. Such important matters as National Security, can be picked upon by the Supreme Court, and if there is any substance, then charges of treason should be filed.