Articles of the year 2010

Criminal Acts
Published on December 21th, 2010

What the Nigerian plea bargain has established is the US government malfeasance at the highest level, while playing the world's policeman. This has given added support to the revelations made by WikiLeaks cables of the various US agencies

Dick Cheney has narrowly escaped being indicted by a Nigerian Commission for charges of corruption, following an enquiry into charges of bribery after a plea bargain that saw ex-president, George Bush Sr, and James Baker intercede on Cheney's behalf — two of the most senior, respected politicians of the Republican Party who have had distinguished careers inside and outside government. Campaigners in the Niger Delta expressed disappointment at the plea bargain. Celestine AkpoBari, programmes officer at Social Action Nigeria, said: "I would have loved to see Dick Cheney in chains in our court and facing justice in our prisons. That would have been a very big point that would have lifted Nigeria out of its woes." Successive Nigerian governments have long been considered to be the most corrupt in the world, and now to be seen as aided and abetted by the American political leadership has made it important to rethink the role of the western powers in crimes committed by new leaderships. The connection was suspected for a long time but the definitive proof has come through the plea bargain in the sordid Nigerian affair. That is the reason WikiLeaks has assumed such importance, and is the most sought after and the most sourced. The world needs more Assanges, and persons like him should be encouraged. It is such information that will cut down corruption. When the US instituted the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, the people of the world were delighted, but the 'plea bargain' has exposed the US designs.

The US, ever since it assumed the leadership of the new world order, has been running amuck, starting wars in Iraq and bombing Afghanistan, using feeble excuses, and bogus claims of non-existent weapons of mass destruction (WMDs). The world media was coerced using a media blitz that managed to convince the most hardened and astute journalists of the world. The invasion has resulted in 1.2 million Iraqi deaths to date, a truly horrific statistic, especially when it was senseless and uncalled for. The destruction of the civic infrastructure cutting down their power generation, water supply systems and healthcare are but a few of the results of the massive criminal assault on the Iraqi people. Instead of being satisfied with the removal of Saddam Hussein, they decided to flatten Iraq. This was when international forces led by the US were already destroying what little was left of Afghanistan after the Soviets pulled out.

What the Nigerian plea bargain has established is the US government malfeasance at the highest level, while playing the world's policeman. This has given added support to the revelations made by WikiLeaks cables of the various US agencies. The substance of the disclosures is mind-boggling, for it reveals the extent of the micro-management of the affairs of allies of the US and the fabrication of charges against the many perceived enemies of the US.

Also, the latest plea bargain, disclosing the criminal activities of Cheney (previously a heartbeat away from the presidency) showed quite openly how criminality had permeated the American government at the highest level while it was pontificating upon the rest of the world, insisting that mere suspicion was enough to send one to Guantanamo. Homeland Security has now succeeded in creating a new bogey to scare the travelling public by creating more intrusive and uncomfortable screening procedures. Homeland Security and Halliburton were part of an extreme Right mindset working hand-in-glove to benefit from these fears.

With all these criminal acts of the US government being exposed in the media, WikiLeaks is to be congratulated for expanding the focus on US government involvement, confirming the criminality of their actions. Instead of being vilified, WikiLeaks should be encouraged for performing as the world's conscience. That is the reason for the fantastic rise in the interest in the WikiLeaks phenomenon. Julian Assange must have realised the importance of the substance of the cables to the world. The expose of the originators of these cables is a service to humanity.

The incredible popularity of WikiLeaks has taken the world by storm, and thanks to the American inventions like the internet, the information can be distributed at the speed of light. The world is that much smaller, and thanks to people like Assange, the criminals shall have no place to hide.