Articles of the year 2009

The Verdict
Published on August 08th, 2009

The decision of the Supreme Court was awaited by the whole nation that had already endorsed the chief justice with the largest turnout in the history of Pakistan. The euphoria witnessed throughout, and the joy at the striking down of the November 3 ordinance was more of an indictment of the policies of Musharraf, and hatred of the man himself. The people of Pakistan have been consistent in voicing their dislike, and the rumblings for the removal of the incumbent are palpable, and the movement, once begun, took it on its inevitable path. Except for the 1958 martial law, which would have been resisted were it not for the display of ferocity of some army officers. The politicians of that era, the Gurmanis, Suhrawardis, Mamdots, Daultanas, and of course the Bengalis would have been more than a match for the army, but for the role of the civil service.

However, after the removal of Ayub, with the slogan of Ayub kutta hai hai, and the distribution of sweets at his removal was repeated with every change of government. This time the distribution of sweets was for the arrival of the chief justice. For he was considered the 'new saviour'.

The Supreme Court, has indeed excelled, while addressing the ills of the judiciary, and its judgement will ensure that those judges who ignored the strictures they had been taught, and were tempted by the siren call of the Sharifuddins, of Pakistan. A man who single-handedly drafted all the ordinances that were enacted by his presidential clients, and successfully mutilated the Constitution of Pakistan into its present unrecognisable form. Its present shape is far removed from the original concepts, and aspirations that were penned into the original. The bench did observe that the abettors of the violations should also be punished. This important fact should further show that the signing authority is invariably a layman (in legal terms) and is so impressed by the silver tongues around him that he concurs without further ado, so convincing are his advisers. That is why it is so important that the architects be also punished. So they will learn to distance themselves from any such moves in the future, or any such suggestions.

We were all waiting for the wave of the wand that would with one stroke deliver us from the past of Musharraf, and deliver us from the corruption of the present. The ruling at present has chosen to give us a resurrected NRO, with its fate to be decided by the National Assembly, within 120 days. Maulana Diesel, and his cohorts have already drawn up their chairs for the feast that will now be laid before them. The benefits from the NRO will now be added to those about to be doled out. These benefits will be considered legal by our American Godfathers, as buying votes is normal in every political framework, in the world. And then who is better than the insatiable Pakistani politicians, whose greed and conscience has no limits.

The American and British governments who midwifed the NRO are delighted at their handiwork, and are not in the least bit concerned that their brainchild is causing hatred for the political class, for if the NRO comes into the assembly and does pass, it could set off another long march. Only this time it will not stop halfway, but the anger of the people will ensure that it sweeps away everything in its path. For corruption is the catchword today. It has launched the militant in Swat. Like Egypt of the 50's, when King Farouk's profligacy was responsible for the downfall of the monarchies of Egypt, Iraq and Libya. This also saw the rise of Socialism in the Middle East. The cornerstone was the hatred for the wasteful and profligate behaviour of the ruling families (not unlike our present day rulers).

We the people would like the courts to pass down their judgements, for we now have confidence in the wisdom of the courts, far more than in the members of the elected representatives. We have already seen the scramble for power to these assemblies, and the negotiations for the lucrative positions and contracts. Of deliberately taking over luxury 4x4 that the minister was not entitled to. We as a people are delighted at the cleansing of the judicial stables, and pray that the court continue in its present manner. Without passing on the responsibility to the elected representatives.